Calder van Andel - Техникаи Glaze Bubble

Омӯзед, ки чӣ гуна сафолҳои худро Bubble Glaze кунед!

Салом номи ман Calder van Andel and I am from the Netherlands.
In this workshop I will be teaching you how to do the bubble glaze technique, and I also include two fun variations! The bubble glaze technique is fun to do and comes with a beautiful pattern that you can use on your bisque fired ceramics.

In this workshop, we will cover the following steps:

Step 1: I’ll guide you through the necessary materials and provide recommendations for achieving the best results.

Step 2: I’ll demonstrate the process of creating a bubble glaze mixture.

Step 3: I’ll explain the technique of moving the piece while generating bubbles, demonstrating it twice with two different shapes.

Step 4: Lastly, I’ll showcase two variations. One involves using multiple colors of underglaze simultaneously, and the other demonstrates the technique with regular glazes.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have the skills to master the bubble glaze technique on your own! Create captivating patterns on your ceramics with your preferred colors.

Рӯйхати мавод ва таҷҳизоти зарурӣ

Cup, Soap Water, Fork, Spoon, Straw, Container, Underglaze (dark), Clear glaze, Regular glazes (dark and light) and Bisque fired pieces

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    • The workshop is about 1 соат дароз.
  • Бонус саволу ҷавоб
    • Бонуси маро тамошо кунед  Саволу ҷавоб ки дар он ман ба саволхо дар бораи процесси худ ру ба ру чавоб додам.
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    • Семинар ва саволу ҷавоб сабт карда мешаванд ва шумо ба он тамоми умр дастрас хоҳед шуд. Шумо метавонед онро онлайн тамошо кунед ё ба дастгоҳи худ зеркашӣ кунед, то дар вақти дилхоҳ офлайн тамошо кунед

дар бораи Calder van Andel

Hi! I’m Calder, I’m 20 years old and have been making ceramics for about 7 years now. I’m mainly focused on throwing ceramics on the wheel, but also enjoy a hand or slab building project every now and then! And I love to experiment with different underglaze techniques, like the bubble glaze technique. I also like to record and share my work and the process behind it on social media, mainly on Instagram and YouTube.




  • Дастрасии фаврӣ.
  • 1 соат
  • Шаҳодатномаи устохона
  • Аудио: англисӣ
  • Дастрасии умри. Зеркашӣ ё онлайн тамошо кунед
  • 1269 + номнавис шудааст
  • Нарх: $39 USD

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