Catalina Vial - Муҷассамаҳои Пастичеро чӣ гуна бояд сохт

Салом, ман Catalina Vial. In this workshop, I will share my process of assembling pieces using a technique I call pastiche.

Pastiche involves creating a collection of fragments assembled spontaneously, without any predetermined order. While sometimes I may start with a drawing or a scheme, the final result is always a product of spontaneous combinations, allowing the colors and clay to guide me.

Throughout this workshop, I’ll guide you step by step through the creation of each piece and the overall assembly process. I hope you find enjoyment in the journey and that it proves helpful to you.

After this workshop you could be making fantastic work like these:

Вақте ки шумо ин устохонаро харед, шумо ба даст меоред:

  • Дастрасии фаврӣ барои тамошои семинари қаблан сабтшудаи ман
    • Устохона аст 1 соат дароз.
    • Шумо метавонед онро зудтар тамошо кунед, ки ин семинарро харидед ва ба ҳисоби худ ворид шавед.
  • Бонус саволу ҷавоб
    • Бонуси маро тамошо кунед 47 minutes Q&A ки дар он ман ба саволхо дар бораи процесси худ ру ба ру чавоб додам.
  • Дастрасии якумра ба такрор
    • Семинар ва саволу ҷавоб сабт карда мешаванд ва шумо ба он тамоми умр дастрас хоҳед шуд. Шумо метавонед онро онлайн тамошо кунед ё ба дастгоҳи худ зеркашӣ кунед, то дар вақти дилхоҳ офлайн тамошо кунед

Catalina Vial

Egresé  de artes plásticas con mención en grabado de la Universidad Finis Terrae, en Santiago de Chile. Al salir de la universidad mi impulso por seguir descubriendo nuevas técnicas de expresión artísticas fueron un poco más lejos y me llevaron a conocer la encuadernación artística, la cual estudié y desarrollé en la Escola  Superior de Disseny i Art  “Llotja”, en Barcelona, España. Esto me llevo a tener la gran oportunidad de trabajar  en el departamento de restauración y encuadernación de la Biblioteca “Agustín Edwards Eastman”, donde tuve la chance de tener en mis manos documentos históricos, libros incunables y primeras ediciones de grandes autores.  

El año 2012, por razones familiares, me mudé a Lima, Perú, donde me reencontré con la cerámica, ya que en mi época universitaria había tenido el primer contacto con ella. Fue en el Taller Escuela de Cerámica Sonia Céspedes Rossel donde surgió la dependencia absoluta y mi completo enamoramiento hacia la cerámica. Ahí comenzó mi carrera sin parar por conocer a fondo las posibilidades que tiene la arcilla, participando en diferentes simposios, encuentros de ceramistas y talleres de profundización de ciertas técnicas. El año 2018, junto con dos compañeras y amigas, decidimos crear nuestro propio estudio de cerámica, llamado “Taller Alta Temperatura”.

I graduated in Fine Arts with a specialization in printmaking from the Finis Terrae University in Santiago, Chile. After leaving university, my passion for exploring new artistic expression techniques led me to delve into the world of artistic bookbinding. I studied and developed this skill at the Escola Superior de Disseny i Art “Llotja” in Barcelona, Spain. This journey granted me the incredible opportunity to work in the restoration and bookbinding department of the “Agustín Edwards Eastman” Library, where I had the privilege of handling historical documents, incunabula, and first editions of renowned authors.

In 2012, due to family reasons, I relocated to Lima, Peru, where I rediscovered my connection with ceramics, an art form I had initially encountered during my university days. It was at the Ceramics Workshop School Sonia Céspedes Rossel where my deep dependence and love for ceramics took root. This marked the beginning of my relentless pursuit to explore the vast possibilities of clay, participating in various symposiums, ceramicists’ gatherings, and workshops to deepen my understanding of specific techniques. In 2018, along with two colleagues and friends, we decided to establish our own ceramic studio, named “Taller Alta Temperatura” (High Temperature Workshop).


  • Дастрасии фаврӣ.
  • 1 соат
  • Шаҳодатномаи устохона
  • Аудио: испанӣ
  • забони англисӣ
  • Дастрасии умри. Зеркашӣ ё онлайн тамошо кунед
  • 1254 + номнавис шудааст
  • Нарх: 39 доллари ИМА

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Таҷрибаи шумо чӣ гуна аст? Мо мехоҳем бидонем!
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Хеле тавсия!

This was a lot of fun, packed with an assortment of techniques and tips. I love her encouragement to let loose and experiment.

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Таҷрибаи шумо чӣ гуна аст? Мо мехоҳем бидонем!

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